Microsoft’s AI improves text summarization performance by paying closer attention to the beginning

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— In a new preprint paper, Microsoft and University of Pittsburgh researchers detail an AI that summarizes text documents by attending to their intros.

VentureBeat—Microsoft’s AI automatically comments on video clips. Microsoft researchers propose in a new paper an AI and machine learning system that automatically comments on video clips.

Neural | The Next Web—MIT researchers developed a text-based system that tricks Google’s AI. There are plenty of examples of AI models being fooled out there. From Google’s AI to detect images mistaking a turtle for a gun to Jigsaw’s AI to score toxic comments tricked to think a sentence is positive by including words like love. Now, researchers at Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), MIT, have developed a new system called TextFooler that can trick AI models that use natural language processing (NLP) — like the ones used by Siri and Alexa. This is important...

VentureBeat—Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 services apply AI to finance and project operations. Microsoft announced updates to Dynamics 365, including two new services -- Finance Insights and Project Operations -- that'll roll out later this year.