• ESPN will give its motorsports fans an esports racing fix

    With all motorsports on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic — including Formula 1, Formula E and IndyCar — the only experiences available are virtual. Disney’s ESPN is set to elevate that a notch by launching a virtual racing series from Torque Esports.

  • Google builds an unemployment application portal for New York

    The state of New York has teamed up with Google to build an online portal for unemployment applications that’s much more reliable than the Department of Labor’s old one. Local governments all over the country have to deal with what the agency calls a

  • Apple TV+ originals like 'Little America' and 'For All Mankind' are available for free right now.

    In case you've already blown through some of the free content streaming from sources like HBO, Comcast and others, Apple is also cracking open its TV+ library. As long as you have a device with the Apple TV app, there are a few series and movies for you to check out at no cost. Series: Little America, Servant, For All Mankind, Dickinson Film: The Elephant Queen Kids Series + Special: Snoopy in Space, Helpsters, Ghostwriter When you open the app they'll be right in the Free for Everyone section,...

  • Motorola's Razr is still $1,500 but now you can get it in 'blush gold'

    The Motorola Razr is now available in blush gold, in case the only thing that’s keeping you from spending $1,500 on one is the fact that the phone only came in black. While the new option thankfully doesn’t make the foldable device even more expensiv

  • NASA wants your miniature science payload designs for Moon rovers

    NASA says it could send tiny rovers to the Moon one day in addition to its water ice-hunting VIPER robot that’s scheduled for launch in 2022. Before the agency can do so, though, it has to develop tiny scientific payloads for its tiny rovers — and it needs your help to make that happen. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has launched a crowdsourcing project on HeroX aptly entitled “Honey, I Shrunk the NASA Payload.”

  • WSJ: Travelex paid ransomware ring $2.3 million

    Earlier this year Travelex made news after attackers shut down its computer networks. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting new details about the incident, including how much the foreign exchange company paid to resolve its problem: $2.3 million i

  • Google Meet’s premium features are now free through Sept. 30th

    Google is extending the amount of time its premium video chat features will be available to schools and other organizations. The company’s newly-renamed Google Meet software will now be open to all G Suite customers through Sept. 30th.The company had

  • Facebook adds 'quiet mode' to help you manage screen time

    Facebook is making it easier to take a break from its app and the notifications that come with it. The company is launching a new “quiet mode” feature in an effort to help users spend less time in the app. With the feature, you can set a schedule for

  • Twitch rolls out Prime Watch Parties to US streamers

    Twitch first revealed its plans for “Watch Parties” back in October 2019. The test feature would allow streamers to watch Prime Video with their viewers, as long as they were also subscribers. Now, Watch Parties beta is being expanded to all US Twitc

  • 'Saturday Night Live' returns to TV with a remote episode on April 11th

    Talk shows and sports leagues have used internet services to keep offering fresh content despite the COVID-19 pandemic, so why not comedy shows? Saturday Night Live is taking a stab at it. As noted by Hollywood Reporter, NBC’s long-running series is

  • Facebook sues cloaking software maker for deceptive COVID-19 ads

    Facebook is suing Basant Gajjar (aka LeadCloak) for allegedly selling software that helped bad actors circumvent Facebook’s automated ad review systems and push deceptive ads around COVID-19 and other scams. As the name suggests, LeadCloak’s software allegedly provided cloaking services, a malicious technique Facebook has been fighting for years. According to Facebook’s announcement, LeadCloack’s software also targeted companies like Google, Oath, WordPress and Shopify.

  • MIT is working on a way to track COVID-19 while protecting privacy

    Many countries and researchers are promoting the use of contact tracing apps to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and aid in the eventual recovery, but they may require slow manual tracing or a sacrifice in privacy (say, warning when a patient leaves