Surrealist Architecture

by— For his City Portraits series, Victor Enrich digitally modified photos to create absurdist and surrealist buildings that look like a lot of fun to live in. See also 13 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Photoshopped Architecture. Tags: architecture   remix   Victor Enrich—Evergreen Architecture. I’ve been a bit obsessed recently with urban architecture that incorporates nature & greenery into the mix, especially since seeing the technique employed so creatively in Singapore last year, so this new book called Evergreen Architecture is tickling that fancy right now. As more of the earth’s surface is swallowed up by the built environment, architects are increasingly advised to integrate urban flora and fauna into their designs. Whether developing green roofs, living walls, abundant...

The American Conservative—Human Wellbeing: Good Urbanism Requires Good Architecture. Some further reflections on built ecology and human nature after this week's urbanism event co-hosted with the National Civic Art Society. The post Human Wellbeing: Good Urbanism Requires Good Architecture appeared first on The American Conservative.

the Guardian—Glenn Murcutt named the 2021 Praemium Imperiale laureate for architecture. The acclaimed architect has become the first Australian to win the annual award. The Praemium Imperiale recognises laureates in the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, music and theatre/film. Here Guardian Australia takes a look back at Glenn Murcutt’s extensive work‘A cultural masterpiece’: the world’s best new public libraries – in pictures Continue reading