• Mulcair on Lametti's performance at Emergencies Act inquiry

    There was only one really false note during the Liberals’ otherwise solid performance during the Emergencies Act inquiry and it was played on Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada’s David Lametti’s trumpet. Lametti served up his favourite “I’ve got a secret” defence that he uses whenever he can’t or won’t answer […]

  • Here’s How Customers Can Use it

    The RBI said the users will be able to transact with e₹-R through a digital wallet offered by the participating banks and stored on mobile phones / devices. RBI said the e₹-R would offer features of physical cash like trust, safety and settlement finality. Mumbai: The reserve Bank of India on Tuesday said the first […]

  • Tech Mahindra signs MoU with Axiata to co-develop 5G enterprise solutions

    Tech Mahindra and Axiata Group Berhad (“Axiata” or “the Group”), a leading mobile telecommunications and digital conglomerate in ASEAN and South Asia, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-develop and market innovative 5G enterprise solutions across Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Cambodia. The MoU aims to accelerate the expansion of innovative new-age […]

  • FREE Dark Winter Florals Clip Art Bundle

    Create dreamy winter scenes for invitations, social media posts, and more with this bundle of dark winter florals clip art. Reminiscent of the Romantic era with its emphasis on emotion, glorification of beauty, and celebration of the natural world, the deep and rich colors sampled in this clip art bundle will transport you to a […]

  • Poverty linked to Facebook and Instagram addiction in teens

    Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Adolescents from lower-income backgrounds are more likely to report addictive use of social media, according to an international team of researchers including Professor Frank Elgar from McGill University. The findings show a link between economic inequality and problematic use of social network platforms and instant messaging applications. The researchers identified problematic […]

  • Sun versus ski: How to solve the great winter break debate

    When it comes to winter breaks, many people crave escaping the frosty air for something a little warmer, whilst others prefer to dive right into the cooler temperatures and hit the slopes. The answer? Saudi, where you can enjoy sunny climes, sandsport-based adventures and even real snow in one incredible destination. Here is our guide […]

  • Lana (aka CJ Perry) reacts to Austin Theory's insane body transformation

    Lana, aka CJ Perry, had a hilarious reaction to Austin Theory’s body transformation picture that he shared on Twitter. Austin Theory has a promising future ahead of him on the WWE roster. Aside from a few bumps on the road, he has had quite a successful year so far. Theory recently shared a “before-after” body […]

  • Boy who died would ‘100% still be here’ if not denied hospital bed, uncle says

    Sign up for our free Health Check email to receive exclusive analysis on the week in health Get our free Health Check email A young boy would “100 per cent still be here” if he had not been denied a hospital bed when he was unwell, his uncle has claimed. Five-year-old Yusuf Nazir died from […]

  • Ferrari F50 Needs A Push Start To Get Its V12 Engine Running

    It can be embarrassing to ask strangers for help when your car breaks down. Now, imagine how much worse you’d feel needing assistance to push start your Ferrari F50. That’s exactly what happens in this brief clip. The video starts in media res with people already pushing the Ferrari, so we don’t know things begin. […]

  • The Christmas gift guide: 222 great ideas for £30 or under

    £10 and under All of the thrill, less of the bill S’mores is s’mores No campfire required, toasty s’mores-style marshmallows with chocolate chunks and a caramelised biscuit crumb coating. £5.75, nakedmarshmallow.co.uk A marble to behold Blue card holder made from recycled leather, with artwork from a marbled endpaper design by bookbinder Joseph William Zaehnsdorf. £10, […]

  • Nasa’s Orion spacecraft enters lunar orbit as test flight nears halfway mark

    Nasa’s Orion capsule has entered an orbit stretching tens of thousands of miles around the moon, as it neared the halfway mark of its test flight. The capsule and its three test dummies entered lunar orbit more than a week after launching on the $4bn demo that’s meant to pave the way for astronauts. It […]

  • Real talk: Jalen Hurts vs. Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers used to be a double threat. He could never run, but his arm has won 146 games for the Packers and countless matchups for fantasy managers. Jalen Hurts had always been more one-dimensional. His running ability gave him a safe floor in fantasy football, but his erratic passing skills didn’t always lead to […]