Bride and Prejudice's Jess speaks about future mother-in-law Fatima

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Bride and Prejudice viewers were left stunned last week when Fatima Abazovski claimed that her future daughter-in-law Jess Jones 'smells like cats'.

Mail Online—Bride And Prejudice's Jess hits back at her future mother-in-law. Twenty-one-year-old Jessica Jones has hit back at her fiancée's mother, saying she is no longer the party girl Fatima has labelled her as.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's Fatima is the mother-in-law from hell. It's been touted as 'the most controversial' reality show of the year.

Mail Online—Bride and Prejudice's Jess hits back at her fiancés mother Fatima. Bride And Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings' Jess was reduced to tears after going head-to-head with her fiancés mother Fatima on Monday night's episode.