• Alternative Sexualities: Cultural Comity or Cultural Coercion?

    There was a time not too long ago when people who went the other way kept it to themselves. Some did so out of fear of reprisals from those vehemently opposed to their lifestyle. Others preferred to keep their bedroom habits in their own bedroom beli

  • Culture warrior Randi Weingarten wants truce in culture war

    There is a reason why you know who Randi Weingarten, the leader of the second-largest teachers union in the country, is.

  • Arabic Culture Quiz

    QUIZ WINNER Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Korea Sami M. Alsadhan (right) presents a certificate and prize money to Kim Sang-yeop (second from right), a student at Dankook University, the winner of the "Quiz on Arab" event about Arabic culture co-hosted by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Korea-Arab Society and Korea University’s Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies of the Asiatic Research Institute on May 15 at Korea University in Seoul.

  • A forgotten flashpoint in America's culture wars

    Missing from most history books is a key moment leading to the culture wars now ripping through American politics.In 1970, hundreds of construction workers pummeled around 1,000 student demonstrators in New York City — including two of my friends. The “Hard Hat Riot,” as it came to be known, ushered in an era of cynical fear-mongering aimed at dividing the nation.The student demonstrators were protesting the Vietnam War and the deadly shooting of four student activists at Kent State University...

  • Support and culture at Bracknell Forest Pride

    Pride month is about acceptance, equality and celebrating the work of

  • Can Our Culture Even Be Saved at This Point?

    Back in the late 1980s and early ’90s, conservatives boycotted — a lot. Organizations regularly sent out snail-mail letters listing companies that deserved to be rebuked. Back then, it was mostl

  • Our critics’ guide to a summer of music, movies and culture

    Guardian culture writers Alex Needham, Ellen E Jones and Michael Cragg make their picks of the best of this summer in arts and cultureWith festival season about to begin, blockbusters scheduled for the big screen and newspapers filling up with lists of summer reading, the Guardian culture writers Alex Needham, Ellen E Jones and Michael Cragg take Nosheen Iqbal on a guided tour of the summer. Continue reading

  • Thousands rally in Belgrade against government and culture of violence

    Major demonstration is the fifth recent anti-government protest and was sparked by anger over two mass shootingsTens of thousands gathered on Saturday for the fifth anti-government protest in recent weeks in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, after two back-to-back shootings that killed 18 people, half of them children.The “Serbia against violence” protests have evolved into some of the largest rallies since widespread demonstrations triggered the fall of strongman Slobodan Milošević more than two...

  • Mission CISD students want more cultural inclusivity

    Mission CISD’s school year came to a close, and with that, so did the year-long cultural inclusivity program known as the Illumination Project. But Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Sharon Roberts assures there is more to come. The district partnered with local nonprofit Village in the Valley (ViVa) to launch a modified version

  • Where To Start If You Want To Learn More About Indigenous Culture In Your Workplace

    National Reconciliation Week was this week. The theme was “Be a Voice for Generations” and encourages all Australians to support First Nations people within the community and be a voice for reconciliation by learning about Indigenous history and culture. This week is incredibly important, thanks to the discourse surrounding the Voice to Parliament. Australians educating […]

  • Lackawanna County Heritage Fair celebrates culture

    SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Thousands are getting ready to celebrate culture and community at the Lackawanna County Heritage Fair that kicks off on Thursday night. Outside montage mountain Thursday morning, dozens of amusement rides and vendor stands await thousands of guests for the Lackawanna County Heritage Fair. "This will draw in people from out []

  • Conservatives Adopt Cancel Culture Tactics Against ‘The Chosen’

    Conservatives, by and large, are leading the fight against Cancel Culture. Yes, some old-school liberals have joined the fracas, including Bill Maher, John Cleese and Rob Schneider. It’s still overwhelmingly conservatives who lash out at modern-day struggle sessions for sharing the “wrong” views. That effort includes attacking the woke mind virus, a toxic movement akin … The post Conservatives Adopt Cancel Culture Tactics Against ‘The Chosen’ first appeared on Hollywood in Toto.