The 5-point 2020 iPad Pro review: One small step for Apple, one potential leap for AR

by VentureBeat

VentureBeat— An atypically minor iPad Pro update focuses almost exclusively on augmented reality features. Will most users care, or is this year's iPad one to skip?—Apple iPad Pro (2020) Review: The Best iPad Yet—Does It Matter?. Now with lidar, Apple's newest tablet is the most powerful and feature-rich iPad yet. It's also great for watching Netflix while stuck in self isolation.

AppleInsider—Why iPad Pro's LiDAR is a big step for Apple in computer vision and AR. The new LiDAR camera sensor that debuted in Apple's latest iPad Pro this week is an enhancement upon the depth sensing TrueDepth front-facing imaging array that first made its appearance on iPhone X in late 2017. This year as it arrives on iPhone 12, LiDAR appears to set to achieve a massive installed base of tens of millions of users. Here's why that's important.

World Tribune Life—One small step for WHO, one giant leap for . . .. Townhall