• How to use Universal Control in iPadOS 15.4 & macOS Monterey 12.3 betas

    Universal Control is here in the latest betas for iPad and Mac. We've been testing it out, and it is shaping up to be one of the most impressive features Apple has ever released.Universal Control for iPad and MacWith the beta of iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey 12.3, users can finally take Universal Control for a spin. This feature, originally slated for the fall of 2021, was delayed while Apple continued to refine it. Even though we're only in the first beta, it seems its efforts have paid off....

  • Cowen raises Apple price target to $200 after blockbuster earnings results

    Investment bank Cowen has raised its price target to $200, from $180, following Apple's record-shattering December quarter earnings results.Apple iPhone 13 Pro modelsIn a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, Cowen lead analyst Krish Sankar writes that Apple delivered strong December quarter upside that beat Wall Street expectations despite an estimated $6 billion revenue hit from ongoing chip shortages and supply constraints. Read more

  • Best deals Jan. 28: $70 off 11-inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, Beats Fit Pro & $20 gift card, more!

    In addition to the discounted Magic Keyboard, Friday's best deals include $130 off a portable generator, $57 off an M.2 1TB SSD, and $50 off a two cordless drill set.Best deals January 28As we do every day, we've collected some of the best deals we could find on Apple products, tech accessories, and other items for the AppleInsider audience. If an item is out of stock, it may still be able to be ordered for delivery at a later date. Read more

  • How to watch the first episode of Apple TV+ 'The Afterparty' for free

    Apple TV+ is heavily promoting its new murder mystery comedy, "The Afterparty," with its first episode now free on YouTube, and also a live Twitter streaming.Tiffany Haddish in "The Afterparty"Chris Miller and Phil Lord's "The Afterparty" is an eight-part murder mystery comedy that is streaming on Apple TV+ from January 28, 2022. It's a "Rashomon" style series where every episode tells the same story from a different character's perspective - and each is in a different genre, too. Read more

  • Universal Control, Apple's record Q1 earnings, and more on the AppleInsider podcast

    On this week's episode of the AppleInsider podcast, Apple sets new holiday quarter records, software updates address multiple bugs across Apple's lineup, and iPhone could one day process credit card payments.During their Q1 earnings call, Apple exceeded Wall Street expectations with a record $123.9 billion in revenue. CEO Tim Cook also revealed that there are 1.8 billion Apple devices in active use around the world, service revenue is up, and half of iPad purchasers are new to the product.Apple...

  • Apple got tablets right, and created a whole new market with the iPad 12 years ago today

    Today's iPad and iPad Pro are vastly faster and gigantically more capable than the original, but still recognizably the same device that Steve Jobs unveiled on January 27, 2010.Steve Jobs unveils the original iPad in 2010Put the original iPad next to one of today's models and that original is very heavy, very slow, and its screen seems distractingly low resolution. Yet that 2010 device is still unmistakably an iPad, because Apple got so much right from the very start. Read more

  • Neil Young still Rockin' in the Free World on Apple Music after Spotify exit

    The team at Apple Music is enjoying telling the world that Neil Young remains on their service after his dramatic exit from Spotify, but he is also on Amazon Music and more.Neil Young with his failed PonoPlayerAs popular as he is, Neil Young is only one artist and his decision to withdraw from Spotify will surely not make a measurable difference to the streaming service's income. Nonetheless, his leaving over Spotify's airing of the controversial Joe Rogan podcast, means that the move has made...

  • FBI considered using Pegasus spyware for US domestic surveillance

    A new report uncovers how Israel used the NSO Group's infamous Pegasus iPhone hacking tool, and how the FBI secretly bought it.It has previously been reported that Israeli police have used the Pegasus spyware against its own citizens, and done so without legal oversight. Now the New York Times has released the results of a year-long investigation into the company behind the Pegasus spyware, including how the US considered using it and a more advanced tool.According to the full report, and a New...

  • Epic vs. Apple takes new turn as 34 US states side with 'Fortnite' maker

    Attorneys general for 34 states and the District of Columbia have told an appeals court that Apple continues to "stifle competition" with its monopoly on app distribution via the App Store.Still from Epic Games "Free Fortnite" videoThe Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit saw a ruling in 2021 that chiefly sided with Apple, but the appeals process is continuing. Now the 35 attorneys general have submitted a joint statement into the appeal, backing Epic. Read more

  • Life360 to stop selling precise location data of users

    Life360 has decided to stop selling the precise location data of users after pushback in late 2021, but the company will continue to sell users' data in aggregate form.In December, self-described "family-safety platform" Life360 was reported to be selling location data from both adults and children to a dozen various data brokers. The brokers would then provide the information to other third parties.The company initially argued that selling the data was a way to "keep the core Life360 services...

  • Mandatory Olympics iOS and Android apps are spying on athletes for China

    A researcher has found that the mandatory Beijing 2022 Olympics app for iOS and Android is collecting and sending audio to Chinese servers.On Thursday, researcher Jonathan Scott had posted his findings after reverse-engineering the mandatory MY2022 Olympics app. As it turns out, the app is capable of spying on Olympians and attendees and sending the audio to Chinese servers to be analyzed.it doesn't get rid of the dot, the application forces itself to the foreground to make sure it has the...

  • Apple's Services add 165 million subscribers in last 12 months

    Across iCloud, music, and Apple TV+ video, Apple says that it has added an all-time record number of new subscribers, bringing it to a total of 785 million.Apple ServicesIn response to analyst question in its latest financial earnings call, Apple has revealed that it has added more subscribers to its Services than it had projected. Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of Apple, said that the growth was worldwide. Read more