• Verizon's cheapest AirPods Pro deal has returned

    Verizon Wireless' best AirPods Pro deal has made a comeback, with the wireless giant discounting the Apple earphones by $30 for a limited time only.Cheapest Apple AirPods Pro deal is backBeating Amazon's $234 sale price by $15, Verizon Wireless is knocking $30 off AirPods Pro, bringing the price down to $219.99 with free 2-day shipping or in-store pickup. Read more

  • European Union targets tech giants with new tax and content rules

    The European Union is planning to apply more restrictions on the activities and responsibilities of Apple and other major tech companies, EU digital policy and antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager has revealed, which could impact taxes, privacy, and online content.Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European CommissionIn its continuing attempts to rein in the power and influence of tech giants including Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, the European Commission is introducing...

  • Tom Hanks disappointed with Apple TV+ 'Greyhound' release

    The release of the Tom Hanks movie "Greyhound" on Apple TV instead of cinemas is an "absolute heartbreak" to the film star, an interview reveals, with Hanks also using the opportunity to poke fun at Apple's PR policies during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.Tom Hanks (right) in 'Greyhound'In the days before the July 10 premiere of "Greyhound" on Apple TV+, veteran actor Tom Hanks has to take on the usual gauntlet of interviews and public appearances expected of such a star. However, the movie's...

  • Getting started with HomeKit, Eve Cam giveaway winner and more on the HomeKit Insider podcast

    In this week's episode of HomeKit Insider, working around initial HomeKit setup troubles, several user questions get answered, and we announce the winner of our Eve Cam giveaway.HomeKit Insider: A new AppleInsider podcastStephen Robles is out this week so Andrew has frequent AppleInsider podcast contributor William Gallagher join him for this super-sized episode. William has the start of a HomeKit home, but still much further to go, and some woes along the way. We talk about those next steps and...

  • Today at Apple to resume 'Made in LDN' music sessions

    Apple is restarting its Today at Apple series of workshops by moving its "Made in LDN" sessions online, starting in late July.While selected Apple Stores have been reopening around the world, following their closure due to the coronavirus, the workshop Today at Apple sessions have remained cancelled. Apple has taken its first step toward reviving them, however, with a new online version of its "Made in LDN" sessions, a series of events for young musicians in London.Apple itself is currently not...

  • Murder plots and cult exposure via iCloud in the Apple Crime Blotter

    An alleged looter gets looted himself, an iPhone photo is part of a public corruption probe, and more on the Apple crime blotter.Apple Store in Boylston Street, BostonThe latest in an occasional AppleInsider series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime. Read more

  • Reddit app update incoming after triggering iOS 14 clipboard snooping notice

    Reddit has become the latest high-profile service to confirm it will be updating its iOS app to stop copying data from the clipboard, following complaints of it repeatedly triggering iOS 14's new privacy-focused clipboard monitoring system.Reddit logo on a clipboardApple's clipboard snooping feature included in iOS 14 alerts users to instances when third-party apps attempt to access the clipboard on an iPhone or iPad. The triggering of alerts by apps used in the current developer betas has led...

  • Apple files to halt future patent lawsuits from Zipit Wireless

    Apple is seeking a declaratory judgement to determine that it does not infringe on two instant messaging patents owned by a company named Zipit Wireless, which previously leveled claims against the tech giant.Credit: AppleIn a complaint filed Friday with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Apple argues that it does not infringe on Zipit's intellectual property. Zipit Wireless is the creator of a secure messaging platform. Read more

  • LinkedIn blames bug for clipboard snooping discovered by iOS 14

    LinkedIn claims that clipboard snooping behavior, recently revealed in the firm's iOS app by a new iOS 14 data privacy feature, is caused by a software bug.Credit: LinkedInOn Thursday, a portfolio portal developer testing Apple's iOS 14 beta release discovered that the LinkedIn app was copying the contents of their clipboard after every keystroke. When ZDNet reached out to LinkedIn, the company said the issue was tied to a bug in its software. Read more

  • Celebrate Independence Day with these iTunes movies and TV show deals

    It is Independence Day weekend in the United States, so Apple is holding a special iTunes sale for movies and TV shows. Celebrate your American patriotism with these deals.iTunes Movie DealsThis Week's Deals Read more

  • Apple surveying users about iPhone AC adapters amid rumors they'll be sold separately

    Apple is surveying users in Brazil about the USB Power Adapters that came packaged in their iPhones, likely for market research concerning the ubiquitous iPhone accessory.Apple is surveying users about its 5W USB adapter amid rumors that it'll stop including it with iPhones.Specifically, the survey appears to ask users what they did with the USB adapter that came with their old iPhones. It comes iPhone 12" in 2020. Read more

  • WWDC, Apple Silicon, and App Store fights

    It will be WWDC and its "historic" announcement of the move to Apple Silicon that will be remembered, but there was so much more going on in June.Tim Cook at June's WWDC 2020Apple is very good at judging how to present itself. In June's WWDC 2020, it managed to give us an extremely well-made keynote show, and it managed to pull off every bit of hype that it always does. "This is going to be truly a unique week delivered unlike any that we've done before," said Tim Cook. Read more