Liberals Aren't Losing Faith in Our Constitutional System. They Just Don't Like Its Results.

by The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal— In liberals’ imaginations, there are only four ways to lose elections — and none has to do with their leftist turn, their hysterics or their... Read More The post Liberals Aren’t Losing Faith in Our Constitutional System. They Just Don’t Like Its Results. appeared first on The Daily Signal.

The Federalist—Democrats Aren't Losing Faith In Our Constitutional System. They Just Don’t Like It.. Many Democrats see the Constitution as a way to achieve their partisan goals, not as a set of politically neutral and idealistic values.

WSJ—Voters Don’t Like Trump, Just His Results. An opportunity for the President’s party to buck midterm history.

Raw Story—The 2018 midterm results look just like 1966 -- that should terrify the GOP. On Friday, Washington Post opinion writer Charles Lane detailed surprising similarities between the 2018 midterms elections and the midterms of 1966. “Final results from the 2018 midterm elections are now starting to become clearer, and so, too, is its potential historical significance,” Lane wrote. “The closest comparison may be with the 1966 election, the only midterm of Lyndon B. Johnson’s one term as the elected president of the United States.” “Voter turnout was practically the …