Hawley threatens to block national security nominees unless Austin and Blinken resign over Afghanistan

by Washington Post

Washington Post— Because Democrats control the Senate, Hawley can effectively only delay President Biden’s nominations.

CNN—Hawley says he'll hold up State and Defense Department nominee unless Blinken and Austin resign over Afghanistan exit. Republican Sen. Josh Hawley said Tuesday that he will place a hold on "every single civilian nominee" for the State and Defense Departments unless Secretary Antony Blinken and Secretary Lloyd Austin resign from their posts, citing their roles in overseeing the US' chaotic exit from Afghanistan.

The Washington Times—Josh Hawley to block Biden’s nominees until Cabinet members resign over Afghanistan. Sen. Josh Hawley pledged on Tuesday to hold up confirmation votes for all Pentagon or State Department nominees until key members of President Biden's Cabinet resign over the Afghanistan pullout. Mr. Hawley, Missouri Republican, issued the threat during a speech on the Senate floor when he introduced legislation honoring the

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—Josh Hawley demands resignations of Secretaries of Defense and State – and threatens to block NSA nominees. U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), best known as the "insurrectionist" who raised his fist high up in the air as he helped incite the January 6 attackers and rioters in front of the Capitol building, is demanding the resignations of President joe Biden's Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense – and threatening to block confirmation of their desperately-needed national security nominees until they do. “I will not consent to the nomination of any nominee for the Department of Defense or for the...