Biden tells restaurateur to pay workers more amid labor shortage

by Washington Examiner

Washington Examiner— President Joe Biden encouraged an Ohio restaurateur who asked how the government could address the labor shortage to pay his employees a higher salary.

New York Post—Biden tells restaurateur he’ll ‘be in a bind’ on hiring unless he pays workers more. Restauranteur John Lanni, a Republican, how the Biden administration can incentivize people to work. The President said it’s time for workers to get paid more.

Business Insider—Restaurant workers are quitting in the middle of their shifts, reports say. The sector is facing an uphill battle to retain workers amid the labor shortage.. A restaurant employee in Phoenix, Arizona, told CNN Business that staff including hostesses and dishwashers were quitting mid-shift

Business Insider—Dollar General plans to hire 50,000 workers in less than 2 months as the labor shortage intensifies and workers rage-quit for better-paying jobs. A tight labor market means many workers have had more opportunities to quit jobs and seek better opportunities elsewhere.