• Sebastian Stan -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!

    Sebastian Stan's good looks might just be his in real life superpower! Here is a 23-year-old version of the "Captain America" star showing off his blonde locks at the premiere for the movie "Material Girls" in New York City back in 2006 (left).

  • Aubrey Plaza -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!

    Aubrey Plaza's beauty is no laughing matter! Here is a 25-year-old version of the "Parks and Recreation" star trying her hardest to smile at a premiere of the show in Los Angeles back in 2009 (left). She played the role of April Ludgate during the

  • Why do you do good?

    Whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever receives a righteous man because he is righteous will receive a righteous man’s reward”

  • Ty Burrell -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!

    Here is a 36-year-old version of the famous father back in 2004 and 16 years later

  • 'That's impossible. No one could be that good.' Joe DiMaggio was that good

    The numbers, beyond just the legendary 56-game hitting streak, are staggering. Joe DiMaggio hit for power and average and, it seemed, never, ever struck out.

  • Bras Are Good: a Manifesto

    At the beginning of the pandemic, when millions of Americans found themselves confined to home, women across this great nation waged war on the oppressor in the underwear drawer. The opportunity to stay indoors meant that many women ditched the bra and never looked back. Bras were cast aside in favor of fresh air on the titties as countless websites glommed upon the opportunity to discuss the merits of wearing a bra. The no-bra discourse appears to have been dominated by women with smaller...

  • You Should Have Left Could Have Been a Very Good Movie But Is Not

    Understanding what a society fears goes a long way toward understanding what it values, and horror movies have long served as a funhouse mirror, distorting and reflecting our collective cultural hangups. The subtext of The Exorcist is fear of single mothers producing godless teenage girls who grow into troublesome women, disrespectful of patriarchal institutions, and the brilliant but deeply flawed Silence of the Lambs is, at its heart, a movie just as much about workplace harassment and the...

  • What good do the masks do, really?

    We are seeing jurisdictions everywhere imposing mask bans at a rate that approaches the number of bars being threatened with liquor license revocation for failing to enforce social distancing.��If that sentence seems complicated, then you a

  • The Only Good People In History

    Truly, we live in auspicious times.

  • The Only Good People In History

    Truly, we live in auspicious times.

  • The Only Good People in History

    Truly, we live in auspicious times. Those who have sinned will be cast down; those who are sinless will set new social standards for the

  • Brickbat: No Good Deed …

    After a public outcry, Fisheries Queensland in Australia says it will not fine a man who rescued a baby humpback whale tangled in a shark net. After the rescue, the agency served the man, identified by media only as Django, with two infringement notices for entering the area around the shark nets and warned him he could face fines. Django and witnesses told media they reported the whale to authorities and waited hours before he went out to rescue it.