• Saturday Night Social: Nandi Bushell Loves Nirvana as Much as I Want to Love Anything

    I’m back with this week’s Saturday Night Social! I’m so proud of all of us for making it through the week that saw the start of the public impeachment proceedings, another man entering the Democratic primary, and the House Science Committee debating an absolutely bonkers policy. To say it was a lot is an understatement.

  • Obama Insists Most People Don't Think We Need to 'Tear Down System'

    At a gathering of “wealthy liberal donors,” former President Barack Obama told the wealthy to not worry their wealthy little heads — and it’s so entirely annoying. “Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality,” Obama told the annual Democracy Alliance meeting, a club of wealthy liberal donors who give “hundred of thousands of dollars a year to recommended political organizations,” according to The New York Times.

  • Aide Overheard Sondland Tell Trump Ukraine Would Investigate Biden

    It gives me no pleasure to report that an American ambassador told President Donald Trump that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky “loves your ass.” Oh, and also that the Ukrainian government would be moving forward with the investigation into Joe Biden, CNN reported on Friday. That’s probably the more important part.

  • Celine Dion Weighs if Jack and Rose Would Fit on Titanic Door

    Céline Dion has finally weighed in on a question that has haunted a generation: Why didn’t Rose make room for Jack on The Door in Titanic?

  • Andy Cohen Announces "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City"

    At BravoCon on Saturday, Andy Cohen announced his latest franchise: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!!!! I have so many questions about how this will work. Cohen ~attempted~ to get in front of the obvious questions to his audience of very friendly Bravo fanatics.

  • Squish Your Anxiety With This 25 Pound Gravity Blanket

    Gravity Blanket (48" x 72" Size, 25 lb.) | $162 | Amazon

  • Crime Guy Roger Stone Is Now Officially a Crime Guy

    What a week! Bring me all the Diet Dr. Pepper in the land!

  • Your Best Yearbook Quote

    Last summer, news broke that the Boston Public Library was going to digitize high school yearbooks across Massachusetts in an effort to archive “as many of the state’s historically significant documents as possible and make them available online.” That meant a bunch of brace-faced nerds with Marky Mark lyrics immortalized beneath their unfortunate senior portraits would become the internet’s content forevermore. I blogged about the phenomenon and included my own pic for solidarity. I’ll do it...

  • Celine Dion Sounds Perfecting Cursing on a Record

    Shit yeah: Celine Dion, “Perfect Goodbye” - To my knowledge, “Perfect Goodbye,” from Celine Dion’s first English album after the death of her husband, René Angélil, marks the first time she’s ever cursed on record. “This shit is perfect,” she coos in the chorus, after taking on what sounds to me like a hip-hop-influenced flow in the verses (she savors each line’s concluding triplet like a delicacy). And yet, somehow it works? She doesn’t sound desperate for relevance; if anything, she’s showing...

  • Sarah Dessen Is Sorry

    Sarah Dessen is sorry that she and a slew of other bestselling authors spent the last two days riling up their followers to harass a recent college graduate who does not care for Dessen’s young adult novels.

  • Bring Back Daisy Dukes for Basketball Men

    Basketball season is here. Kristaps Porzingis played at Madison Square Garden as a Dallas Maverick and was booed by Knicks fans. Elsewhere, a man named Robert Covington sat on the bench and ate a stroopwafel. Other tall men in various parts of the country ran down a big, shiny court, shoes squeaking, sweat flying, trying to put the ball in the hoop. Why weren’t any of these men wearing shorter shorts?

  • Let's Get Twisted While Watching Harry Styles Host Saturday Night Live

    On November 16, history will be made. Harry Styles is performing on and hosting Saturday Night Live, a show I only pay attention to when boy band-related activity is promised. Naturally, this weekend is a holiday for me and my fellow obsessors. Like, yesterday I walked past 30 or so girls camped out for Harry nearish the NBC building. They’d been there for days, which means some of them chose to lie out on the street for a week in freezing temperatures. I’ve never felt so connected to humanity....