• Camilla Rebrands Ladies-in-Waiting to 'Queen's Companions'

    In an attempt to really shake up the monarchy, Camilla, the queen consort, will no longer having ladies-in-waiting, who functionally served as personal assistants to Queen Elizabeth, her late mother-in-law. Instead, Camilla will have “queen’s companions”—a modern, “honorary” role, the BBC reports.

  • EGOT Watch: Mariah Carey!

    What could the not-legally-sanctioned Queen of Christmas possibly want for, aside from, you know, canonically “you?” Mariah Carey’s holiday hit has landed on music’s “Nice” list (Billboard Chart) every single year for nearly three decades; she has a two-hour Christmas concert special dropping the week leading up to

  • Former State Trooper Who Catfished Teen Girl and Murdered Her Family Dies in Shootout

    At 11 a.m. on Friday, the morning after Thanksgiving, authorities were called to a Riverside, California neighborhood to check on a visibly distressed teenage girl getting into a car with a man. While en route, however, the officers were soon redirected to a deadly house fire, just a few homes from where they’d been

  • What Makes a Short King?

    There are many short men, but slightly fewer short kings, The Sex Lives of College Girl posits in a new episode that dropped last week. Bela, Mindy Kaling’s charming semi-autobiographical avatar on the show about four messy college freshman roommates, embarks on an unexpectedly fulfilling sexual journey with a man who

  • Florida's Child Welfare System Is Found to Be Complicit in Sex Trafficking

    As the recently reelected Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) continues to demonize drag queens, trans kids, and queer people in general as threats to Florida’s children, a sex trafficking crisis amongst teens in the state is metastasizing under his care.

  • Why Is Will Smith the Only Man Still Apologizing?

    Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, and I’ve already forgotten everything that happened before I slipped into a food coma. This includes the infamous 2022 Oscars incident in which Will Smith slapped the daylights out of Chris Rock for making a deeply distasteful joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The

  • Raphael Warnock Hilariously Trolls Herschel Walker's Bizarre Speeches in New Ad

    As the days tick down until the December 6 runoff election between Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Republican Herschel Walker, it appears the Warnock team is taking inspiration from the successful Pennsylvania Senate campaign—by doing some light trolling.

  • Family Sues Stanford After Student Who Spilled Coffee on Friend’s Alleged Rapist Is Found Dead

    The family of the late Katie Meyer, formerly Stanford University’s star soccer captain, is suing the university for wrongful death, after Meyer took her life in her dorm room in February. Last week, Santa Clara County ruled that “there is no indication of foul play, and Meyer’s death was determined to be

  • The NBA Hard Launches Pete Davidson and EmRata

    To fall in love while promoting your new podcast—what’s more convenient romantic than that?! EmRata, famously someone with a face good enough to not be relegated to radio, and Pete Davidson, who can’t necessarily say the same, were spotted Sunday night on New York City’s walk of fame, aka courtside at the Knicks. The

  • How ‘Yellowstone’ Grapples With the Trauma of Child Loss & a Forced Hysterectomy

    When I’m explaining Yellowstone to people, I tell them it’s important to go in with tempered expectations about the narrative. Did one episode feature a human man nearly having emergency surgery in a roving veterinary ambulance? Sure. Has someone on this show died after a rattlesnake was taken out of a cooler and

  • Kim Kardashian Is 'Re-evaluating' Balenciaga Relationship After Sex Bears Outrage

    If you thought the long Thanksgiving weekend would flush the “Balenciaga BDSM children” scandal from culture, you were wrong. Kim Kardashian, who has worked closely with and defined her own public style in part by the brand, has at last broken her silence on Balenciaga’s recently deleted campaign featuring kids posing

  • Small Businesses for Unique Gift Giving (And So You Can Avoid Holiday Shopping at Big Box Stores)

    In the past five days, I’ve gotten roughly 300 emails from various big brands I once-upon-a-time bought something from—and also a bunch that I’ve never even considered giving money to. (Whoever put me on the marketing list for Royal Caribbean Cruises, I’m coming for you.)