• It's Finally Spooky Season, Which Means It's Also Time for Our Annual Scary Story Contest

    I do not particularly get in the spirit of Halloween. Sure, there’s nothing cuter than kids in costumes and I’ll readily spend lots of money on candy for them, but that’s pretty much where my interest ends. I also don’t much care for scary movies! Having to close my eyes and cover my ears in order to control how

  • The Scammers, Food Diaries, and WNBA Rivalries That Got Us Through the Week

    Well, New York City is under water right now. Soooo that about sums up the weekend plans for all but one New York-based member of the Jezebel staff. Lots of couch-sitting. Even more bed-laying. Add a very likely government shutdown to the mix, and why would you do anything besides veg?

  • Turns Out, It's a Lot More Fun Watching Elderly People Find Love

    On Thursday night, 22 women stood before bachelor Gerry Turner. These women—who could all be my mother and a couple of whom I’d love for that to be the case—put their best foot, outfitted in orthopedic shoes, forward in the hopes of finding love on the premiere of ABC’s Golden Bachelor.

  • Texas, Yelp Sue Each Other Over Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers

    It’s a big day in Texas for suing and getting sued: The state of Texas, represented by embattled state Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), and Yelp, are mutually suing each other over a helpful feature on Yelp’s website that was added after Roe v. Wade was overturned, and informs users that anti-abortion crisis pregnancy

  • Paris Fashion Week Is a 'Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century' Mood Board

    Stephen Hawking (RIP!) once said that he doesn’t think “the human race will survive the next thousand years unless we spread into space.” Whether or not the human race is technologically, spiritually, or emotionally ready to leave our rock might not matter, because the designers at Paris Fashion Week seem eager to

  • Want to Find Out What Broke Up Stacy & Clinton? Buy a Ticket, Babe!

    If you fell ill (or pretended to) and found yourself channel surfing on the couch midday between the years of 2003 and 2013, then you’re likely familiar with the televised exercise in sartorial shame known as What Not to Wear. For ten seasons, stylists and supposed BFFs, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, deliciously

  • Anti-Abortion Lawyer Wants Names of People Who Donated to 9 Texas Abortion Funds

    A Texas lawyer is trying to get the names of donors to nine abortion funds in the state, as well as information on every abortion the funds may have assisted with since September 2021, when the state’s bounty-hunter law took effect. He’s seeking the identities of thousands of people in Texas and across the country in

  • Joe Manchin Sides With GOP in Battle Over Military Veterans’ Abortion Policy

    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has joined Republicans on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in blocking the nomination of lawyer Anjali Chaturvedi to general counsel at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Politico reported Thursday that Manchin and the Republican cohort believe the department overstepped its authority when it

  • Melania Trump Renegotiates Her Very Large Prenup to Protect Her Very Large Son’s Trust

    In the wake of yet another round of legal troubles for former President Donald Trump, after a New York state judge determined this week that he committed fraud by substantially exaggerating his wealth for business dealings, Melania is reportedly taking precautions. Page Six reports that the former first lady has

  • Hugh Hefner's Son Spent $100,000 of His OnlyFans Profits on Pokémon Cards

    Inflation is rising and the economy is in the tank. Who amongst us hasn’t joked about starting an OnlyFans to up our cash flow and support our spending habits?! However, to make any sort of serious money on the platform, it takes a talent and dedication that I certainly do not possess. But it seems that Marston Hefner,

  • Dianne Feinstein Has Died at Age 90

    Dianne Feinstein died Thursday night at age 90, capping off an incredible 50-plus-year political career with a fizzle of an ending. The woman was a trailblazer when she entered local politics in the 1960s but, felled by illness and age, her last months in the Senate were marked by repeated debate on if she should

  • Rangers' Pitcher on Being Married to a Doctor: 'She Loves How Dumb I Am'

    I’m going to be honest with you: I’m not one to follow baseball very closely. Fact-checkers could even say I don’t follow it at all. But when news crosses my desk that a hunky dude with a good beard is praising his smart, doctor wife? Put me in, coach!