Janet Jackson Doesn’t Want to Be Associated With ‘NYT’ Documentary.

by Just Jared

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NBC News—How does ‘Get Back’ stand out from all the other Beatles documentaries? It doesn’t.. 'The Beatles: Get Back' Disney+ documentary series from Peter Jackson barely offers any new insight into a band that's already been obsessively documented for more than 50 years.

the Guardian—What can we learn from the Janet Jackson Super Bowl documentary?. The New York Times and FX special Malfunction revisits the ‘Nipplegate’ scandal of 2004 but adds little new understanding In January, the New York Times documentary team released Framing Britney Spears, a succinct and bruising retrospective on the pop star’s career and the shadowy legal arrangement that governed her affairs. The 75-minute documentary, which included virtually no new information but offered a cohesive, damning portrait of her treatment by the press, launched a grenade in pop...

The Independent—Justin Timberlake under scrutiny once more over Janet Jackson Super Bowl documentary. Singer has come under fresh criticism in recent years for his behaviour towards Jackson and Britney Spears