"Digital media hasn’t found a business model that guarantees stability or financial success: “Scale” doesn’t seem to work, “pivot to video” doesn’t work and God knows building your business plan around Facebook or Snap is a fool’s errand."

by www.thewrap.com

www.thewrap.com— There's no one I know in media who isn't scared of what the next 12 months will bring.Here's the general picture:

www.infowars.com—VIDEO: Watch Mark Dice’s Report Facebook Doesn’t Want You To See. See the video censored by Facebook below.

Business Insider—Snap CEO Evan Spiegel claimed Instagram makes you feel ‘terrible’ and Snapchat doesn’t. But he can’t prove it and data suggests he’s wrong. (SNAP). Snap CEO Evan Spiegel recently said that Instagram made users feel "terrible" because they had to "compete for popularity." Spiegel has yet to provide any proof to back up this claim, and current research suggests he is wrong. Snapchat does, however, seem to have a slightly better emotional impact on users than Instagram, according to multiple surveys. Assessing the impact of social-media apps on emotional well-being is complicated by factors like "active" versus "passive" use, and...

www.washingtonpost.com—Pence explains Trump’s dubious claim: He’s not lying; he just doesn’t know any better. In an interview with MSNBC's Hallie Jackson, Pence suggests Trump's claim about other presidents telling him we need a border wall was just other presidents speaking publicly about border security.