16 Times Things Went Hilariously Wrong On "Saturday Night Live"

by BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed— Nothing is funnier than watching Kate McKinnon or Will Ferrell break character. View Entire Post ›

Washington Post—Blackface has long been an issue in comedy. Look no further than ‘Saturday Night Live’ for proof.. SNL, which has been on for 45 years, reflects how we have — and haven't — grappled with blackface as entertainment.

Breitbart—Donald Trump: Saturday Night Live Now 'Mean-Spirited' DNC, Not Funny. "I really don't watch it anymore. I don't find it funny. Rarely I find it funny," Trump said. "I find it very mean spirited. I find it a DNC affiliate."

Mail Online—Saturday Night Live vets Pete Davidson and Colin Jost will star in Worst Man. SNL stars, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost are set to star in the new comedy, Worst Man. The story will follow a soon-to-be married couple and the family dynamics that take place before the wedding.