• Lewis Capaldi’s likeness turned to bronze eldritch horror by school children

    In what one assumes must be a Picture Of Dorian Gray scenario, Lewis Capaldi’s alma mater St Kentigern’s Academy in Scotland has unveiled a new statue of the artist that is truly a horror to behold. The unsightly bronze creation was a collaboration between the school’s art department and a group of fourth-year

  • Nick Jonas once went to therapy over a fumbled guitar solo

    If you don’t happen to remember the 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards in vibrant living color, don’t worry: Nick Jonas remembers. As the singer recalls in a new interview, a “tragic” guitar solo gone wrong at the awards ceremony scarred him so profusely, he ended up seeking therapy to grapple with his own

  • Dear WGA members: the ultimate strike movie is Salt Of The Earth

    Salt Of The Earth is a movie that sees around corners. Partly—but only partly— because of the current Hollywood writers’ strike, it also speaks loudly to our time. A strike movie about labor unrest in a mining town, Salt Of The Earth was generated by creatives who had approximately a thousand times more reason to be

  • Succession's Peter Friedman is still rooting for the Roys to be good

    “Life is short. We should all love one another,” Frank Vernon tells Roman Roy in Succession’s game-changing episode dedicated to Logan Roy’s funeral. Peter Friedman, who’s essayed Frank since the series premiere, also truly believes in his character’s advice, especially in regards to the Roy siblings.

  • Newly anointed Max gets another rocky launch all over again

    HBO Max is dead, long live Max. Despite how buggy, glitchy, and generally user-unfriendly it could be, Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming service became much beloved over the last three years, largely for its impressive catalog of content. Today, the company jeopardized that goodwill with another buggy, glitchy,

  • Joaquin Phoenix pushed for his Todd Haynes-led gay romance to earn an NC-17 rating

    How should one describe Carol director Todd Haynes’ next movie? In a few words: just as queer, but with a whole lot more Joaquin Phoenix, literally and figuratively.

  • Eric Andre befuddles Lil Nas X in new clip from The Eric Andre Show

    One would think Lil Nas X would be the perfect guest on The Eric Andre Show. The young star has spent his career trolling trolls and being purposely provocative. Yet even he’s no match for Eric Andre’s unparalleled unsettling energy. A new clip from the sixth season of the show, premiering June 4 on Adult Swim, proves

  • With the return of The Joe Schmo Show, high-concept prank reality shows are having a moment

    Jury Duty premiered relatively recently on Amazon’s Freevee platform, single-handedly reviving a reality TV format that had been dormant pretty much ever since The Joe Schmo Show had finished its run on the network formerly known as Spike at the turn of the millennium. We’re referring to reality TV shows that are

  • Succession power rankings: Who emerged victorious after the funeral?

    Welcome to the last power ranking before we know who, if anyone, walks away with all the marbles at the end of Succession. We strongly suspect that the answer will be “no one” or at least “it’s complicated”—Jesse Armstrong isn’t the kind of showrunner to give us simple answers—but it has been fun to watch the rise and

  • Despite the five-minute ovation, reactions to The Idol aren’t so hot

    We could’ve seen it coming a mile away. As is the case with so many standing ovations at Cannes stories, the time people in formal wear spend smacking their hands together doesn’t tell us much. It seems like every year, every movie (or in this case, a TV show, for some reason) gets perfunctory lengthy applause. The

  • The 10 worst TV series finales of all time

    It’s not easy ending a TV show; wrapping up what can sometimes be several years’ worth of plotlines into one satisfying ending is an incredibly difficult task. So when a truly bad TV series finale rolls around, it’s not always a surprise, but it is always a huge disappointment. Maybe that’s why these 10 finales stick

  • So long and thanks for all the headaches, HBO Max

    HBO Max, the much-hyped, industry-decimating streamer that promised to save us from the sheer boredom of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and give Warner Bros. a chance to dump a year’s worth of blockbusters without selling a ticket, has died. As confirmed by Warner Bros. Discovery’s rebrand, the streamer died of