• Senate Republicans Want Your Cleaning Lady to Pay Income Tax, but Not FedEx

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen traveled to Poland this week to urge support for a 15 percent global minimum tax on corporate income. These negotiations are slow going, but the Poles will be pushovers compared to the United States Senate. The same Senate Republicans who wish to impose a minimum income tax on people refuse to impose one on corporations.

  • Comma

    To never be touched again. That line has a sound. Hear it? I don’t want to bring a story to it. Not even an image. It has a sound. Listen.

  • January, Rescued by Rafa’s Thighs

    Tomorrow he’ll be ordinary againbut today I watch his familiar charge,the ritual pulls and tugs. All montha kind of gloom—sea turtles strangledin fishing nets, their bodies like templesin the sand. I want to get close, examinetheir shells for divination texts. For a billionyears we were told a tortoise held four elephantson its back and the elephants held the world.It’s hard not to think: dead turtle, dead world.I tell my husband it happened a hundred yearsago. Nothing happened. We are still...

  • The Fed Is Neglecting Its Duty on Climate Change

    In early May, the United States Federal Reserve ordered the largest interest rate hike in over 20 years. This week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell declared he “won’t hesitate” to go even further, calling action on inflation an “unconditional need.”

  • Marijuana

    When I was young and dreamy,I longed to be a poet,not one with his armswrapped around the universeor on his knees before a goddess,not waving from Mount Parnassusnor wearing a cape like Lord Byron,rather just reporting on a dog or an orange.

  • Why Your Utility Company Sucks

    The United States will be asking a lot of its electric grid over the coming decades. Everything from home heating to transportation will need to move to the grid, as a system built to distribute electrons out from a central source transforms to accept them back from millions of rooftop solar arrays—all as it swiftly excises coal and gas and weathers the climate crisis those fuel sources have already created. Given the magnitude of the task ahead, it’s understandable that people are asking...

  • Clarence Thomas Has Gone Full Hack

    Justice Clarence Thomas, the senior member of the ascendant wing of the Supreme Court, has some concerns. He is worried about the court’s perception among the American people as it turns further and further to the right. He is dismayed by the decline of the court’s internal trust and mutual respect after its soon-to-be ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade went public a few weeks ago. And he does not seem to appreciate his own role in bringing these circumstances about.

  • The famous athlete doubts the planet

    The famous athlete doubts the planet is round and sweet. Its magnetic navel adrift escapes like leaves turned dryly underfoot. The moon, so immense you can smell its breath, demands its sugar like your Great Aunt Ginny. A flame deflates atop a skull. So sweet, this scent, so many flies. Éluard writes, “the Earth is blue like an orange.” Watch it quiver, as on a Globetrotter’s finger. The universe, a smoke-filled soap bubble, dances iridescent in space. She aims the ember of her cigarette at the...

  • Inside LA’s Homeless Industrial Complex

    At 17, Gustavo Otzoy emigrated from Guatemala to Los Angeles, where he was held in immigrant detention for nearly three weeks. On his first day free, he explored Echo Park Lake—16 acres of grass, paths, and palm trees, an expansive body of water, a pristine view of the downtown skyline. Nearly 40 years later, now a U.S. citizen, Otzoy found himself heading back to the park. He’d just been released after serving a yearlong sentence in prison. He couldn’t return to the home he’d once owned in...

  • Kurt Schrader Could Be the Next Establishment Democrat Toppled by a Progressive Challenger

    As of Wednesday morning, Oregon Democrat Kurt Schrader, who has represented the Beaver State’s 5th district since 2009, is trailing his progressive primary opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner. As The New Republic’s Daniel Strauss reported last week, this isn’t an entirely surprising development: Schrader went into the final week of this campaign an endangered incumbent, with his opponent highlighting his ties to the pharmaceutical industry and occasional unwillingness to help advance crucial parts of...

  • The Democrats Are Frozen With Fear of the Midterm Voter

    The Democrats, it seems, are in big trouble. With the midterms less than six months away, the party is deeply unpopular. Polling released by NBC on Monday found its favorability rating was underwater by 19 points—eight points worse than the GOP’s, which is currently engaged in a contest to see which of its members can say the most insane thing without losing the party’s support. Even more ominously, the Democratic Party is doing three points worse than Donald Trump.

  • The Baby Formula Crisis Shows the Risks of Corporate Concentration

    This week, the federal government is moving to address the nationwide infant formula shortage that has deepened to dire levels in recent weeks, threatening the well-being of millions of children. The fixes on offer, while late in arriving, could be sufficient to ameliorate the current crisis. But these actions may not provide permanent solutions that fully contend with the underlying issues that created the emergency in the first place.