• Sidewalks

    I saw my breath this morning    from a shiver of an engine
in between sleep and consciousness       today I don’t need
any hospital socks to stay warm      my windows are not
barred    my door is not a fence    for you to be safe in   no
cops have been called to my antics     I am declared sane
to live         in this city    where over 40% of police killings
involve the mentally-ill those who lost the ability to control
desires urges to harm self and others          fear in uniform

  • Free Will

    So letting the bath run I saton the toilet & thought aboutkeeping the plug in till the waterspilt which made me think ifall things have as their cause whathappened how can you changecourse, prior will spilling throughyou or an unseen drain blockedwith gunk. In the case of cloves itwasn’t that the smell drove theDutch to kill & pillage but that ittold them they were near & maybewould do anything to get it, itbeing what would spill throughthem unabated. Last year, whenI tried to smell...