• Right Wing Round-Up: Not Dead Yet

    Nicole Narea and Ian Millhiser @ Vox: Your biggest questions about Trump’s indictment, answered. William Vaillancourt @ The Daily Beast: Glenn Beck Hyperventilates About the End of America After Trump Indictment. Lee Moran @ HuffPost: Lindsey Graham Gets Super Emotional Begging Fox News Viewers To Donate To Trump. Zachary Leeman @ Mediaite: Mark Levin Calls […]

  • Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Free Baked Alaska

    Glenn Beck says that the indictment of former President Donald Trump is a ploy to get conservatives to “riot” so that they’ll be blamed when society inevitably collapses. Mario Murillo explains that if Trump really is the “modern-day Cyrus” like so many evangelicals claim, then “you have to come to one conclusion: Cyrus only helped […]

  • MAGA Cries ‘Tyranny’ and Threatens Civil War After News of Trump Indictment

    When news broke Thursday that a Manhattan grand jury had voted to indict former President Donald Trump, Trump and his supporters were quick to portray him as an innocent victim and to suggest that his prosecution spelled the end of democracy in America. The charges follow an investigation into a hush money payment made to […]

  • Right Wing Round-Up: Bad for Business

    Media Matters: Newsmax’s Greg Kelly says transgender people are “more of a threat” than white supremacists. Prem Thakker @ The New Republic: Josh Hawley, Only Senator to Vote Against Anti-Hate Crimes Bill, Wants to Call Nashville Shooting Hate Crime. William Vaillancourt @ The Daily Beast: Tucker Turns Shooting Into Apocalyptic War Between Trans People and […]

  • Right Wing Bonus Tracks: What the Enemy Has Stolen

    Lance Wallnau reports that Kari Lake, Michael Flynn, and Eric Trump will be participating in his “Holy Ghost Fire & Glory Tour” that aims to break the “demonic strongholds” that are supposedly preventing Republican candidates from winning elections in swing states. Speaking of Lake, she was photographed hanging out with radical right-wing preacher Joshua Feuerstein. […]

  • Right Wing Round-Up: 'We're Not Gonna Fix It'

    Gabriella Ferrigine @ Salon: House Republican summarizes party’s response to rampant school shootings: “We’re not gonna fix it.” Igor Bobic @ HuffPost: The Man Who Leads Senate Prayer Is Fed Up With ‘Thoughts And Prayers.’ Media Matters: Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles says “guns have nothing to do with” Nashville shooting. Emine Yücel @ Talking Points […]

  • Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Private Corruption of Kings

    The America First Policy Institute issued a document seeking to explain “Why Faith and Politics Do Mix in America.” Joseph Farah says that the rainbow “has been hijacked, stolen, misappropriated” by LGBTQ activists and “it’s time for us to reclaim it – or God will.” Lance Wallnau appeared on Jesse Lee Peterson’s show, where Peterson […]

  • Stew Peters Says Uganda's Harsh Anti-LGBTQ Legislation Is '100 Percent Awesome'

    Stew Peters—a far-right broadcaster who has built a media network featuring white nationalists and Christian nationalists, used his program Monday to declare that Uganda’s new extremely harsh anti-LGBTQ legislation is “100 percent awesome.” The Ugandan parliament recently passed a bill that, once confirmed by the president, will impose lengthy prison sentences on LGBTQ individuals and, in […]

  • Jenna Ellis and Tom Fitton Denounce Legal Investigations of Trump

    Under a logo proclaiming “Because No One is Above the Law!” a Judicial Watch email sent Wednesday evening promoted an interview in which the group’s president Tom Fitton complained about multiple legal investigations into potential criminal behavior by former President Donald Trump. Fitton appeared on the American Family Radio show hosted by Jenna Ellis, a […]

  • Lance Wallnau Seeks to Break the 'Demonic Strongholds' That Are Preventing GOP Candidates from Winning Elections

    Thousands of conservative Christians gathered in Florida this week for a “Fire and Glory Tour,” organized by right-wing evangelists Mario Murillo and Lance Wallanu, who are associated with the dominionist New Apostolic Reformation. Both Murillo and Wallnau are conspiracy theorists and unabashed Trump cultists who have declared that Christians must never accept the results of […]

  • Right Wing Round-Up: Facebook Brawler

    Justin Baragona @ The Daily Beast: Tucker Carlson Desperately Tries to Walk Back Trump ‘Hate.’ Joe Jervis: Log Cabin Spox Celebrates Anti-LGBTQ Uganda Law. Jack Wheatley @ Media Matters: Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, and a QAnon conspiracy theorist are all boosting a far-right Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate. Tess Owen @ Vice News: Who Had It […]

  • Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Trump Revolutionary Guard

    Lauren Witzke warns that “America will soon become an ungovernable jungle” where white people “will be unwelcome.” “Prophetess” Kar Kerr reports that she “will not be making her weekly appearances on Elijah Streams with Steve until later in the year.” She says it is because she needs to “rest and heal,” but we suspect that […]