Living in a big city makes you MEAN, study finds

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Florida researchers found people quickly learn that cooperative behavior won't benefit them - and start caring less about others.

Mail Online—Tidy teenagers live longer, study finds. Scientists from the University of Rochester, New York, believe that untidiness as a teenager may set bad 'health habits' that 'wear and tear' on a person's immune system and heart over time.—Skyscrapers make hurricanes much worse, study finds. Tall buildings 'snag' cyclones, and bring warm surface air up into weather systems, scientists claim—Air pollution is shaving years from people's lives, study finds. WASHINGTON—People could add years to their lives in smog-plagued parts of the world if authorities could reduce particulate pollution—soot from cars and industry—to levels recommended by the World Health Organization, a new study reported Monday.