Lake effect snow before a dry Saturday

by Fox 8 Cleveland WJW

Fox 8 Cleveland WJW— Lake effect snow will commence Thursday around midnight into Friday.

Fox 8 Cleveland WJW—Do warmer Great Lakes mean more lake effect snow?. Watch previously aired video above on FOX 8 meteorologists' Winter 2021-2022 snowfall predictions CHICAGO (AP) — Winter is just around the corner, but experts say the Great Lakes haven't gotten the message. The Chicago Tribune reports that summer and fall evenings failed to cool down sufficiently. So Great Lakes surface temperatures are trending above average. [

Fox 8 Cleveland WJW—Windy, cold and lake effect snow. Temperatures Friday will hold steady in the low 30s. Factor in the northwest winds gusting to 30 MPH and it feels more like the low 20s.

Fox 8 Cleveland WJW—Lake effect snow and blustery conditions overnight. Lake effect snow showers and blustery conditions will persist overnight.