• The new BeReal? BeFake lets users edit photos using AI

    A new social media application released in August allows users to edit their photos using artificial intelligence before posting.

  • Transcription App Matter Begins Letting Users Turn Podcasts Into Text.

    The read-it later app Matter is branching out into podcasting, adding a new feature that will allow users to transcribe an episode on their own into text. What it is

  • WhatsApp users in India can now pay businesses with credit card, other UPI apps

    WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature in India that will allow users in its largest market to pay businesses using a variety of payment options from within the instant messaging app. The Meta-owned app on Wednesday said it has partnered with PayU and Bengaluru-headquartered Razorpay to add support for payments via credit and debit […]

  • Media Let Biden Take Credit for Pause in Border Crisis. Now They're Letting Him Shift Blame.

    When illegal immigration unexpectedly dipped a few months ago, Democrats and the mainstream media were quick to credit President Joe Biden. Now that the migration crisis has come back as bad as ever, the media have resumed blaming factors outside the president's control.

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    Facebook Now Lets You Have Multiple Profiles. Here's How

    The feature won't make you log in separately to each account.

  • WhatsApp Channels is now available globally

    WhatsApp Channels is now available globally At the moment, regular WhatsApp users cannot create a WhatsApp channel but some creators have received complimentary channels. TechCity

  • Threads now lets you quote posts on the web

    Threads was missing a few features when it launched for the web back in August. One of those is the ability to quote other people's post, which would be the equivalent of a retweet in a pre-X world. Now, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has announced that Meta has rolled out the ability to quote posts on desktop. All they need to do is click on the familiar repost icon at the bottom of a post, and then choose the option "Quote." By doing so, they can repost someone else's thread while adding...

  • WhatsApp Channels now available in over 150 countries

    WhatsApp today announced the expanded availability of WhatsApp Channels feature, a private broadcast service. WhatsApp Channels is now available in over 150 countries. Channels are different from regular WhatsApp chats. The Channels you follow will not be visible to other followers. Also, the personal information of both admins and followers will remain private. Also, you can’t […] Read More: WhatsApp Channels now available in over 150 countries

  • WhatsApp tests feature that could open it up to other messaging apps

    The latest WhatsApp beta contains a new screen called Third-party chats that may allow it to work with other messaging apps, WaBetaInfo has reported. While the page is blank, its presence could signal that WhatsApp is getting such a feature ready in order to comply with the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA). In July, the EU announced that seven tech giant "gatekeepers" with over $7.5 billion in turnover — Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, TikTok owner ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft and Samsung —...

  • Facebook now lets you create up to four additional profiles

    Meta announced on Thursday that Facebook users can now create multiple profiles. The company will let you add an @username for up to four additional personal profiles attached to your main account. After creating a new alias, you won’t need to log out and back in to switch between them. Facebook first began testing the feature last July. The company suggests picking profiles for your personal life, work and any specific interests or communities you want to spin out of your main account. “Whether...

  • Trend Micro users told to update and patch now

    Two Trend Micro products are carrying a high-severity flaw that could have dire consequences.

  • Literary history of the text message conversations in Apple ads

    Max Read offers a history of fake Apple texts, 2011-2023—the chats to be found in the company's ads and marketing materials. Anodyne yet featureful, this "rigidly orthographically correct banter" mirrors the Apple weltanshauung in an image of its ideal consumers. — Read the rest