• iPhone 11 Pro Max is now cheaper than the iPhone SE

    iPhone 11 Pro Max A lot of the best iPhone deals this Black Friday are for phones on a contract. This one, however, is for an unlocked model and it’s a pretty tasty saving on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. GiffGaff is offering the phone, which packs a big 6.5-inch display, for just £399 – that’s cheaper than Apple […]

  • Apple's iPhone SE 4 Could Use iPhone 14's Exact Battery

    Apple could reuse the iPhone 14's battery for its iPhone SE 4.

  • iPhone SE 4 to inherit iPhone 14 battery, according to rumor

    Another tidbit of information about the iPhone SE 4 has made it out of the rumor mill — this time, it's about the battery.Apple's most predictable, least exciting, but still necessary product has been getting more rumors recently as it approaches a 2024 or 2025 release. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo flip-flopped on the iPhone SE 4 development cycle earlier in 2023, eventually suggesting it would arrive as a "minor modification to the iPhone 14."An anonymous source speaking to MacRumors...

  • iPhone SE 4 May Reuse Existing iPhone 14 Battery

    Recently, MacRumors has received details on the battery currently being tested on the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE, and the information corroborates previous findings in relation to the device. The ‌iPhone SE‌ 4, known by its device identifier D59, is expected to use the exact same battery found in the base model iPhone 14. Partially assembled prototypes of the next ‌iPhone SE‌ have been seen equipped with lithium-ion batteries bearing the model number A2863, which Apple has already...

  • How to access NAS on your Android or iPhone

    Want quick and easy access to your NAS drives on Android or iPhone? Here's how

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    Why I Don't Regret Ditching My Android for an iPhone video

    It's been a year since I went from being a Samsung Galaxy owner to an iPhone 14 Pro owner. Here's why I'm glad I made the leap.

  • Poll: What would make the iPhone SE 4 ideal for you?

    The first iPhone SE was introduced in 2016 as a more affordable iPhone option, but it also became the favorite choice of customers who weren’t fans of large-screen smartphones. A few years later, the SE got a slightly larger 4.7-inch screen, but it looks super outdated with its iPhone 8-based design. With rumors about Apple working on a new iPhone SE, we’d like to know: What would make this device ideal for you? more

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    How I Feel One Year After Ditching My Android for an iPhone

    There are some iPhone features I now can't live without, and some Galaxy features I still miss.

  • Apple's First iPhone SE Now Considered Vintage

    Apple today added the original iPhone SE to its vintage and obsolete products list. The first version of the ‌iPhone SE‌ came out in March 2016, which means it has been seven years since it launched. The ‌iPhone SE‌ was sold until September 2018, so it has been five years since it was last available for sale, making it eligible for Apple's vintage designation. Products are marked as vintage five years after the device was last sold by Apple, while products are marked as obsolete at the...

  • Simple iPhone hack lets you FaceTime people who own an ANDROID

    IPhone users can invite Android users to a FaceTime call through a simple link located on the FaceTime app.

  • Forget the iPhone SE when the Nothing Phone (1) is this cheap

    The Nothing Phone (1) is selling at a cheap price that makes the ageing iPhone SE look a bit silly. Amazon is offering the Nothing Phone (1) for a price of just £329. That’s a 34% discount on the £499 RRP, and is £20 cheaper than Nothing itself is selling the phone for. By way […]

  • Pixel 6a is less than $100 at Walmart right now

    If you’re looking for an incredible bargain on an Android 14 handset, Walmart is offering a great deal on the Pixel 6a. The Walmart Cyber Monday sales has a Pixel 6a for just $99.98 right now, which is half-off compared to the regular asking price. The phone was $449 when it came out around 18-months | Trusted Reviews