• How to turn on Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

    There are plenty of use cases for Google’s Incognito mode. One of these includes hiding your browsing activity, so you can search for a present for a loved one without worrying that they’ll accidentally ruin the surprise when using the PC after you. Or maybe you want to have a snoop on your ex’s social […]

  • Best Garmin Watch 2023: Our favourite Garmin wearables to run with

    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews) Garmin is one of the biggest names when it comes to sports-focused wearables, and we’ve reviewed all the major models in recent years. Here you’ll find our expert ranking of the very best Garmin watches on the market. Garmin has released numerous smart wearable devices in the past decade, catering to all sorts of markets, […]

  • Amazon Fire Max 11 vs iPad 10: Amazon or Apple?

    Amazon just announced the latest addition to its tablet family with the Amazon Fire Max 11. But does it have any hopes of dethroning Apple? The announcement of a new Amazon tablet has caught our attention. The Amazon Fire Max 11 is already available to pre-order from the Amazon website with shipments commencing on June […]

  • Best E-Ink Tablet: Our favourite tablets for reading and note-taking

    E-Ink tablets offer some incredible functionality that just can’t be achieved on traditional tablets, and we’ve rounded up our top picks. While the latest iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets have paved the way for creating a laptop-like experience from these portable slabs, there’s a growing appreciation for tablets that do away with high-end OLED panels […]

  • What is an Ad Blocker? Everything you need to know

    Ad blockers are becoming more popular every year, but what exactly are they, and do you really need one? We’re going to be breaking down what an ad blocker is, where you can find one, and what sort of benefits come with using this software. Keep reading to find out more. What is an Ad […]

  • Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti vs RTX 3060 Ti: Is the 4000 Series worth it?

    The Nvidia RTX GeForce 3060 Ti has been one of the most popular GPUs on the market since its release back in 2021. But with the announcement of the long-awaited RTX 4060 Ti, is the 3060 Ti’s crown finally going to slip?

  • The Galaxy S22 is now a budget phone with this deal

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 can now be picked up on a contract deal that essentially prices it as a budget phone. Said Galaxy S22 deal gives you the 2022 flagship with a generous 100GB of data for just £23.99 a month. The up front fee isn’t high either, at just £19. Add that all up, […]

  • The Pixel 7 Pro deal you've been waiting for is here

    The back of the Pixel 7 Pro We’ve found an outstanding contract deal on one of the best smartphones on the market, the Google Pixel 7 Pro. The deal gives you the Pixel 7 Pro on a 24 month iD contract with 50GB of data for a price of just £27.99 a month, with an up front fee of £149. That’s a […]

  • What is VRAM? A beginner's guide to GPU video memory

    There are plenty of specs to consider when looking into buying a graphics card but VRAM is one of the most important. Here’s our clear and concise introduction to the key GPU specification. If you’re up on the graphics card discourse, you may have seen discussion over the amount of VRAM included on Nvidia’s recently […]

  • Metroid Prime Remastered just dropped to its lowest price yet

    One of the best Switch games of the year, Metroid Prime Remastered, is currently selling for its lowest price yet. Currys is currently selling physical copies of the game for just £24.99. That’s a £5 saving on the previous price, and a £10 saving on the RRP for Metroid Prime Remastered. On top of that, […]

  • New Samsung OLED could take smartphone biometrics to the next level

    Samsung has announced a next-generation smartphone OLED display that could well take biometrics to the next level. The Samsung Sensor OLED Display is the world’s first fingerprint biosensor-embedded panel, which means that the light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) is built right into the panel rather than existing as a separate module behind the panel. This comes […]

  • Fresh iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Ultra design details tipped

    iPhone 12 with a MagSafe battery pack Fresh claims have emerged concerning the design of both the iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Ultra. We may still be several months away from an official launch for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the internet is a restless place. We are already receiving solid tips concerning the design of their […]