Low birth rate linked to fear about the future

by The Guardian

The Guardian— Chris Neill suspects that young people don’t feel the world is a safe enough place to bring a child intoPolly Toynbee’s challenge to the theory presented by the MP Miriam Cates at the National Conservatism conference, that a low UK birthrate is an outcome of “cultural Marxism”, is fair enough as far as it goes (The great British baby drought has a simple cause. And it’s not ‘cultural Marxism’, 18 May). Ms Toynbee is surely right to point to the withdrawal of practical state support and nurturing...

Washington Examiner—Kid-free zones: How low birth rates cause even lower birth rates. Pregnancy is contagious, I often say. That is, one thing that causes people to have babies or to have a lot of babies is other people around them having lots of babies. The reverse is true, too: One thing that causes people to not have babies or to have fewer babies is other people around them having few or no babies.

BBC News—Asia is spending big to battle low birth rates. Governments in the region are spending hundreds of billions of dollars trying to reverse the trend.

KRDO—‘Low fertility trap’: Why Italy’s falling birth rate is causing alarm. By Barbie Latza Nadeau, Valentina Di Donato and Antonia Mortensen, CNN Rome (CNN) — Italy, a country once known for its big families gathered around the dinner table, is facing a crisis of unparalleled proportions. For the first time, the number of births in a year fell below 400,000 – representing an average of 1.25