Women ‘replacing’ men in TV and movies leading young men into crime, says Tory MP

by The Independent

The Independent— ‘Is it any wonder we’re seeing so many young men committing crime?’ asks MP Nick Fletcher

Mail Online—Tory MP says young men turn to crime because 'Dr Who and Luke Skywalker have been replaced by WOMEN. And he drew a link between crimes committed by young men with a slew of previously male on-screen roles shown in a positive light being taken on or replaced by women in the lead.

Deadline—British Politician Says Female ‘Doctor Who’ Leads To Young Men Committing Crime. A British politician has claimed that casting women in film and TV roles that have traditionally been occupied by men is leaving boys with criminals for role models. Speaking during a Westminster debate marking International Men’s Day, Conservative Party MP Nick Fletcher linked “female replacements” for roles such as Doctor Who, or the rumoured James [

Alternet.org—Conservative British MP blames ‘female replacements’ of fictional male characters for ‘young men committing crime’. In the U.K., Conservative Party MP Nick Fletcher has been highly critical of Hollywood turning fictional characters that have historically been male into female characters — and he returned to that theme during a recent speech, arguing that doing so deprives men of "role models." Fletcher, during his speech, said it is important for "men to have their own identity" and for "masculinity to be something that can be celebrated at times rather than continually vilified." "Every male character or...