Why some QAnon believers think JFK Jr is still alive – and about to become vice president

by The Independent

The Independent— A theory considered too far-fetched even for most followers of the Q conspiracy could still be a cause for concern, write Justin Vallejo and Phil Thomas

Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism—Over 100 QAnon believers show up in Dallas waiting for JFK Jr -- who never arrives. Over 100 believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory gathered in Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Monday morning in anticipation of the late John F. Kennedy Jr. coming back from the dead and declaring former President Donald Trump to be America's true president. As reported by the Daily Beast's Will Sommer, the QAnon supporters gathered on the bridge near the plaza in the hopes that JFK Jr. would finally reveal himself to be alive despite the fact that he died in 1999. Much to their disappointment,...

Newsweek—A Kennedy responds to QAnon fixation on Dallas, JFK and JFK Jr.. Maria Shriver, niece to JFK and cousin to JFK Jr., said the Kennedy family would "never get over" the loss of the former president and his son while sharing a video of Brian Williams describing QAnon theorists as "lost souls."

The Independent—QAnon supporters gather at JFK assassination site in Dallas in belief JFK Jr will return from the dead. QAnon supporters believe former president’s son will return from the dead to reinstate Trump as president