Vegan woman 'heartbroken' after finding chicken in plant-based KFC burger

by The Independent

The Independent— ‘I went to brush my teeth after,’ says Nic Kent

BBC News—Burger King: New plant-based burger 'not for vegans'. Vegans and vegetarians may find the fast food chain's new meat-free burger an acquired taste.

The Independent—Burger King launches first plant-based burger in the UK – but it's not suitable for vegans. Fast-food chain company says product is aimed at flexitarians—Vegan woman ‘heartbroken’ after KFC sandwich mix-up. A vegan of five years is feeling "disappointed” and “heartbroken" after trusting KFC to put a meat-free sandwich in its correct box, and coming away with a mouthful of real chicken instead. Nic Kent, a 27-year-old woman from Nottinghamshire, England, told Nottinghamshire Live that she was visiting