Thousands of Australian jobs are on offer but workers prefer to use government COVID-19 handouts

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Retail sales assistants, truck drivers, child carers, receptionists, managers and registered nurses are the top jobs employers are looking to hire for, according to the National Skills Commission.

Tech Times—[COVID-19 Update] Facemask Kills COVID-19 Using Heat From Phone Charger; Nanosponges' Can Possibly Neutralize 90% of Coronavirus. Experts have developed a mask that can kill the coronavirus with heat using a phone charger. Also, nanosponges covered with human lung cell membranes can neutralize COVID-19.—Nearly half of Black immigrant domestic workers lost their jobs during COVID-19, and that's not all. Domestic workers are overwhelmingly marginalized workers, and as we know, the coronavirus pandemic has been the hardest on already marginalized people. A new survey of 800 Black immigrant domestic workers in three areas shows just how bad it is for these workers who take care of children, elderly people, and people with disabilities, or who clean homes. The workers’ stress and pain were evident when they spoke to reporters, as Gabe Ortiz wrote. The numbers are staggering, too. Overall, 45% of...

CNET—Microsoft offers free digital-skills training amid COVID-19 jobs crisis. A new effort looks to help unemployed workers gain needed skills for in-demand digital positions.