Supreme Court strikes down New York’s concealed carry law for violating Second Amendment

by The Independent

The Independent— Court’s conservative majority rules state law restricting firearms is unconstitutional, landing major blow to gun reform efforts

CNBC—Supreme Court strikes down New York gun law restricting concealed carry in major Second Amendment case. The Supreme Court ruling is a victory for Second Amendment advocates, who opposed the New York law restricting concealed carry gun licenses.

Baltimore Sun—Supreme Court strikes New York gun law in major ruling with implications for Maryland’s own concealed carry law. A U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a New York case could loosen gun restrictions in Maryland and other states, making it easier for people to carry firearms in public. Both New York and Maryland require that the concealed carry applicant demonstrate a need to possess their firearms outside of their home.—Supreme Court strikes down century-old New York law, dramatically expanding Second Amendment rights to carry guns outside the home. The landmark decision is expected to loosen gun restrictions in several states amid an uptick in gun violence nationwide.