Six years ago today, I voted Leave – would I do the same again?

by The Independent

The Independent— Brexit, 6 years on: People like me understated how difficult life would be outside the EU, and overestimated the degree of freedom we could have, writes Sean O’Grady

@AmericanThinker—It was 58 years ago today. It was 1964, many years ago today that my dad, mom, and the three kids woke up in Cuba knowing that things would never be the same   A few hours later, we caught a flight to Mexico City and then Jamaica   We waited

Time News—The last Hajj group will leave today The last Hajj group will leave today. KUWAIT CITY: The last group of Hajj pilgrims will leave on Tuesday So far, 2270 pilgrims have left for Saudi by air in five days The aviation department said that 4,000 people will be flown to Jeddah in 12 flights on Tuesday Kuwait Airways, Saudi Airlines and Fly Nas are the airlines that operate services [ ]

MacRumors—15 Years Ago Today, the iPhone Went On Sale. Fifteen years ago to this day, the iPhone, the revolutionary device presented to the world by the late Steve Jobs, officially went on sale. The first ‌iPhone‌ was announced by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007, and went on sale on June 29, 2007. "An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator