Seafood firm loses $20m vessel after trawling in protected area.

by— Sanford has forfeited a $20 million fishing vessel to the Crown for breaking fishing rules, but it could get the boat back for a fee worth a fraction of its value.

Mail Online—Greenpeace builds 'boulder barrier' to protect marine protected area. Greenpeace activists have dropped a series of boulders in the Offshore Brighton marine protected area to prevent bottom trawling.—Oahu marine protected areas offer limited protection of coral reef herbivorous fishes. Marine protected areas (MPAs) around Oʻahu do not adequately protect populations of herbivorous reef fishes that eat algae on coral reefs. That is the primary conclusion of a study published in Coral Reefs by researchers from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST).—Genetic tool could improve monitoring of marine protected areas. Researchers used to need to scuba dive to find out which fish live in any given area of the ocean. Now, a new UCLA study has found that environmental DNA, or eDNA, can be used to identify marine organisms living in a certain space.