Scientists discover more than 30 viruses frozen in ice, most never seen before


USA TODAY— The group of researchers from Ohio State found viruses with genetic codes that have never been discovered.

CNET—Scientists discover 15,000-year-old viruses frozen in glacier ice. Most of the viruses were previously unknown to us.

Fox 8 Cleveland WJW—15,000-year-old viruses never seen by humans discovered in glacier ice. ( - Glaciers can preserve all sorts of relics from the distant past. So could they also be home to a pandemic from prehistoric times as well? It’s possible. A team from The Ohio State University has discovered a collection of viruses that have never been seen before in the ice of a glacier in [

TheBlaze—33 ancient viruses discovered frozen in Chinese glaciers, nearly all of them have never been seen by humans. As if you couldn't get enough of current-day viruses dominating the news, scientists have discovered ancient viruses that humans have never identified ever before, according to a new study. Researchers from Ohio State University found never-before-seen viruses in glacier ice samples taken from the Tibetan Plateau in western China. The viruses were from ice cores extracted from the Guliya ice cap in 2015. The ice cores were taken from the summit of Guliya, which is 22,000 feet above sea level....