Opinion: We need to remember that refugees and migrants are people first

by The Independent

The Independent— If the UK provided safe routes into Britain for those fleeing conflict, torture and certain death, then no one would have to cross the Channel in this way

USA TODAY—Opinion: Why the College Football Playoff needed Alabama as much as it needed Cincinnati. Cincinnati brings variety to a College Football Playoff system that had grown stale, but this four-team playoff still needed Alabama, too.

Mail Online—First home buyers in Australia need to save for need more than 10 years just to save a deposit. First home buyers are becoming a progressively smaller component of housing demand in Australia as a result.

The Independent—Voices: Disabled people don’t need your ‘empathy’ – they need to be treated like human beings. It’s the trivial things that grind away at people with disabilities across Britain, like the patronising ‘praise’ for exercising and the lack of reasonable adjustments under the Equalities Act