New York governor leads angry reaction to ‘outrageous’ Supreme Court decision making it easier to carry handguns

by The Independent

The Independent— New York’s governer has attacked an “outrageous” Supreme Court ruling that makes it easier to carry hand guns in the state - and which has wider implications for the entire country.—Reminder: "New York Supreme Court" = N.Y. Trial Court; "New York Court of Appeals" = N.Y. High Court. I've been seeing some headlines referring to decisions of the New York Supreme Court (see, e.g., Fox and CNN), but that's likely to be confusing to most readers: In New York, "Supreme Court" refers to the trial court, though in most other states it's the name of the state highest court, and "Court of Appeals" refers to the highest court, though in most other states it's the name of the state intermediate court. So when you hear that "the New York Supreme Court has struck down a law

the Guardian—Supreme court decision to overturn New York gun law met with outrage. Decision criticized by New York governor as ‘reprehensible’ in wake of mass mass shootings, but many conservatives elated Gun reform advocates reacted with outrage to the supreme court decision overturning a New York state handgun law that placed strict restrictions on carrying concealed firearms outside the home. The decision could pave the way to allow almost any law-abiding American to carry hidden guns in public places, even as levels of gun deaths rise in the US. Continue reading

New York Daily News—Republicans, NRA cheer US Supreme Court decision overturning New York concealed-carry restrictions. The 6-3 decision drew plaudits from GOP gubernatorial candidates and party officials alike as they slammed Democratic rivals who immediately called for legislative action in response to the overturning of the century-old statute.