New government shutdown looms as negotiations break down – live news

by the Guardian

the Guardian— A government shutdown is less than a week away as congressional negotiators have reached an impasseSign up to the US briefing and get a new perspective 2.18pm GMT Congressman Walter Jones died Sunday at the age of 76. The iconoclastic North Carolina Republican had been in hospice care. 1.58pm GMT Articles of impeachment will not be brought against Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax this morning. Delegate Patrick Hope, a Democrat from Northern Virginia, who initially promised to start...—New government shutdown looms as negotiators fail to reach deal over Trump border wall funding. Acting White House chief of staff says 'you absolutely cannot' eliminate possibility of another shutdown

Zero Hedge—Government Shutdown Looms As Border Wall Talks Break Down, Again. File this under "Who could have seen that coming?" Just two weeks after the longest government shutdown on record, and following 48 hours of narrative-molding declarations that a border security deal was "imminent" or "expected before the end of the weekend", The Hill and Bloomberg now report that talks to avert a second government shutdown over border wall funding have broken down and Republicans and Democrats have stopped communicating for now. As of Saturday it seemed that negotiators...

CNBC—Key GOP Senator says Congress is at an impasse as a new government shutdown looms. Lawmakers' talks on border security issues to avert another U.S. government shutdown have broken down over immigration detention policies, a Republican senator said on Sunday.