Martha Stewart says children shouldn’t be fed ‘chicken fingers and mashed potatoes or french fries’

by The Independent

The Independent— ‘It’s about exposing children to as much as possible,’ she said.—Burger King restaurants in Japan are selling an 'almost-potato' meal, swapping out french fries for crunchy ramen noodles amid a potato shortage. Burger King also considered boiled ramen, broiled squid, and apple pie as substitutes for french fries in Japan due to the potato shortage, CBS reported.—Cardi B Says Lizzo Shouldn’t Have Apologized For “Grrls” Lyric. “Personally if I was Lizzo I would of said SMD!” the Grammy-winning rapper wrote..

New York Post—Savannah Guthrie shouldn’t have interviewed Amber Heard, experts say. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie should have declined to interview Amber Heard after revealing that her husband did consulting work for Johnny Depp’s lawyers, according ethics experts.