Mars rover Curiosity captures rare and stunning panorama of Red Planet

by The Independent

The Independent— Nasa says ‘the scene was just too pretty not to capture it’

Mail Online—But first, let me take a selfie! NASA's Curiosity rover snaps a 360-degree photo on the Red Planet. The veteran explorer, which was launched to Mars 10 years ago, captured the image using a camera at the end of its robotic arm on its way to the 'Maria Gordon Notch' on the Red Planet.

Mail Online—NASA's Curiosity rover sends a 'picture postcard' from Mars. The robotic explorer snapped two black and white images of the Martian landscape which were then combined and had colour added to them to produce the remarkable composite.—NASA's Curiosity rover sends a picture postcard from Mars. An artistic interpretation of Curiosity's view high up on a Martian mountain was created by mission team members who were stunned by the sweeping landscape.