Louisville diner brandishes handgun after armed BLM protesters surround restaurant

by Mail Online

Mail Online— The unidentified man is thought to have been eating at upmarket La Chasse on Saturday night when he confronted the group of around 50 people.

New York Post—Louisville diner pulls gun on armed BLM protestors in shocking video. A diner pulled a gun on armed Black Lives Matter protesters when they stormed the outdoor area of an upscale Louisville restaurant on the day of the Kentucky Derby. The demonstrators were marching to Churchill Downs to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by local cops in a botched drug raid last

The Independent—Diner brandishes gun at BLM protesters during demonstration over police killing of Breonna Taylor. Several protesters also carried firearms

Breitbart—VIDEO: Restaurant Customer Allegedly Pulls Gun Against BLM Protesters. Video taken on a cell phone shows a customer at Louisville, Kentucky's La Chasse restaurant allegedly pull a gun when Black Lives Matter protesters began disrupting the eatery.