live: Aircraft of 126 crash lands at Florida airport as video captures passengers fleeing

by The Independent

The Independent— At least three were injured after the plane caught fire upon landing at the airport

NBC News—Fiery crash landing at Miami airport captured on video. A passenger jet crash-landed at Miami International Airport Tuesday, causing a fire and prompting three people to seek medical attention for minor injuries,

The Independent—Video shows terrified passengers fleeing Miami plane crash blaze. Three were injured in crash

Boing Boing—Incredible video of jet fighter crashing on an aircraft deck deck of an aircraft carrier. On June 23, 1951, US Navy Commander George Chamberlain Duncan was the pilot for trials of the Grumman F9F-5 Panther fighter jet off the Virginia Capes in the Atlantic Ocean. Following one successful landing on the USS Midway aircraft carrier, Duncan went out for another spin. — Read the rest