Legal challenges from 'activist' lawyers could mean ZERO deportees are on flight

by Mail Online

Mail Online— Rapists, paedophiles, drug traffickers and gunmen are all understood to have been set to be removed from Britain to their native country on Wednesday's charter plane to Kingston.

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@nytimes—What the Leaked Draft Opinion Means For the Conservative Legal Movement. For half a century, right-wing legal thinkers have been working toward the moment foretold by a leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion.

the Guardian—Partygate means all Covid fines should be overturned, lawyer argues. Call for penalties to be scrapped in light of Boris Johnson’s defence of breaches, as 23 already struck downSee all our coronavirus coverageCovid fines should be overturned en masse in light of the prime minister’s defence for attending lockdown-breaching events, a lawyer has argued, as it emerged more than 20 penalties imposed on businesses had been struck down in recent months. Lucinda Nicholls, who successfully represented 23 firms and is still fighting on behalf of seven more, said serious...