Lawsuit seeks more protection for endangered right whales

by The Independent

The Independent— Conservation groups are suing the federal government, saying it has taken too long act on proposals to expand protections for critically endangered right whales—The Right’s “Respectable” Rioters. Adam Serwer writing at The Atlantic: The Capitol Rioters Weren’t ‘Low Class’. They were business owners, CEOs, state legislators, police officers, active and retired service members, real-estate brokers, stay-at-home dads, and, I assume, some Proud Boys. The mob that breached the Capitol last week at President Donald Trump’s exhortation, hoping to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, was full of what you might call “respectable people.” They left dozens of Capitol Police...—The Long History of Right-Wing Terrorism in America. One of the critical things that Luke Mogelson’s must-read piece about the Jan 6th assault on Congress does is define the attack as the latest in a string of right-wing militant actions in DC and across the country, incited by Republicans (and Trump in particular): In April, in response to Whitmer’s aggressive public-health measures, Trump had tweeted, “Liberate Michigan!” Two weeks later, heavily armed militia members entered the state capitol, terrifying lawmakers. In her January 16th...

The Independent—Report: Speed compliance to save rare whales could be better. A report from the federal government says compliance with speed rules designed to protect rare whales has increased in recent years but could still be higher