Latest office politics row sees exam chiefs telling male civil servants they must stop 'hepeating'

by Mail Online

Mail Online— The term has been coined to describe the act of a man hijacking an idea previously suggested by a woman - then getting all the credit for it. And now civil servants have been warned not to do it.

BBC News—Stop war on civil servants, union chief urges PM. The FDA leader will use a speech to criticise "crass" notes left by minister Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Mail Online—CHARLIE MULLINS: Why I'll stop paying tax if civil servants don't return to office. CHARLIE MULLINS: For many, work is now fitted round childcare, cooking dinner, walking pets, gardening and even yoga classes rather than the other way round.—Tucker Carlson's Latest Takedown of the GOP Is Must-See. The path we are on isn't sustainable.