KATHY LETTE: We use 350 more words than men. No wonder they are ALWAYS copying us...

by Mail Online

Mail Online— KATHY LETTE: Is it time to take the 'men' out of Mensa? What with mansplaining, manspreading and now hepeating, fellas are definitely looking like the inferior sex right now.

Business Insider—A sociology professor said she used to invoke China as a prime example of reproductive coercion. Now she uses the US.. China's one-child policy made the country the "absolute prime example of reproductive coercion," said Dr. Carole Joffe, a sociologist of reproductive health.

Chicago Tribune—US Rep. Adam Kinzinger introducing measure to allow US military intervention in Ukraine if Russia uses chemical, biological weapons. The joint resolution would provide an option for Biden while also sending a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

NPR.org—Why NPR isn't using the word 'manifesto'. The Buffalo suspect allegedly published a 180-page document online that repeats a series of racist conspiracy theories in an attempt to justify his plan to search out African Americans and kill them.