Hundreds arrive on planes from Delhi and Mumbai on day one of Biden's Indian travel ban

by Mail Online

Mail Online— On Tuesday, people were seen arriving at Newark Airport in New Jersey and Chicago's O'Hare Airport on direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi.

The Federalist—Biden Issues Indian Travel Ban A Year After Calling Trump's China Travel Ban Xenophobic. The Biden administration announced Friday it would begin to restrict travel from India on Tuesday as Indians face an overwhelming surge.—Joe Biden, Who Called Trump a 'Xenophobe' for China Travel Ban, Bans Travel from India but Leaves U.S.-Mexico Border Wide Open. Between the border, the COVID vaccine, fiscal policy, and now travel policy, Joe Biden has managed to totally discredit his own policies in the span of just 100 days. It’s a remarkable achieveme

The Independent—Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure recalls returning to office job one day after flying on Madonna’s private plane. ‘The next day I was in the office as a fire warden,’ McClure recalled