Gold in London bank sparks battle between Venezuelan rivals

by Washington Post

Washington Post— The political battle over control of Venezuela has turned to a $1.8 billion stack of gold bars sitting in a vault in London, where a judge is expected to decide soon on who has the rightful claim to the bullion

Time—Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro Loses Battle Over Access to Gold in London Bank. A British judge on Thursday, 2 July refused to give Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro access to $1 billion in gold being held in a Bank of England (BoE) vault, on the basis that the U.K. does not recognize the socialist leader as president of the Latin American country. Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV), whose board is

CNBC—Venezuela's rival leaders in legal battle to determine fate of over $1 billion gold reserves held in London. The hearing represents an extraordinary case for the crisis-stricken South American country.

ABC News—British judge denies Maduro Venezuela's gold in London bank. A British judge has refused to give Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro control of nearly $2 billion in gold sitting in a Bank of England vault