Experts banned from criticising government after Grenfell blaze

by Mail Online

Mail Online— A contract signed with engineering firm WSP just 12 days after the disaster stated that it must not generate 'adverse publicity' for the Cabinet Office or other Crown bodies, including the PM's office.

Mail Online—Gagging clauses BAN charities and companies with taxpayer-funded contracts criticising government. Gagging clauses have been included in official deals totalling £25billion for 40 charities and over 300 companies, including Brexit advisers and safety experts hired after the Grenfell Tower fire.—Fury over 'gagging clause' preventing Grenfell cladding experts criticising Theresa May. Government accused of 'unforgivable cowardice' over contracts preventing contractors from causing 'adverse publicity'

Mail Online—QPR vow to ban Grenfell effigy father and son over Grenfell bonfire stunt. Clifford Smith, 49, is understood to be a QPR fan, the team closest to the tower block where 72 people died in June 2017.