EU Parliament adopts new draft legislation, dictating manufacturers of smartphones that batteries must be designed so that consumers and independent operators can easily and safely remove them themselves by 2024

by— Parliament is ready to negotiate with EU governments on the final shape of the new rules governing the entire battery product life cycle, from design to end-of-life.—A new technique to delete single atoms can speed up molecule design. Every time a new cancer drug is announced, it represents hundreds of researchers spending years behind the scenes working to design and test a new molecule. The drug has to be not only effective, but also as safe as possible and easy to manufacture—and these researchers have to choose among thousands of possible options for its chemical structure.

New York Post—Why you can’t bet on 2022 NFL Draft in New York state. If you are within New York state lines, you will not be able to bet on the 2022 NFL Draft.

Tech Times—Motorola Razr 3 Leaks: New Boxy Design for Smartphone, Camera Upgrades—What to Expect. Motorola Razr 3 leaks a new design and camera for its next release.