China reopens but businesses struggle to lure back consumers

by Washington Post

Washington Post— China’s economy has reopened but retailers, restaurants and other businesses that employ millions of people are struggling to lure back consumers who worry about the virus and possible job losses—The traffic is back. Cars and trucks back on city, state roads as more businesses reopen.. Traffic congestion is starting to return to area roads, with the easing of pandemic business restrictions.—How businesses are struggling with liability issues surrounding reopening. Stephanie Ruhle and Benjy Sarlin discuss how businesses are struggling with liability issues after reopening while there are no real guidelines at a federal, state or local level.

WCVB—Businesses allowed to reopen struggling amid ongoing pandemic. While the state is giving the green light to a slew of new businesses in Phase 3, some businesses that were allowed to reopen during Phase Two are still struggling to bring back customers.