Canada updates travel advisory for Hong Kong after China enacts security law

by Global News

Global News— Travel Canada says the new national security legislation enacted by China could put Canadians "at an increased risk of arbitrary detention."—Hundreds Arrested After China Enacts Hong Kong Security Law. Beijing quickly used a new national security law against Hong Kong protesters; more than 300 were arrested Wednesday. How is the new law changing the legal and political landscape in Hong Kong?—China Enacts Security Law, Asserting Control Over Hong Kong. Despite fierce international criticism and opposition in Hong Kong, Beijing's rubber-stamp legislature passed a law allowing the mainland to impose security measures in the former British colony.

ABC News—China may enact Hong Kong security law at end of June. China’s top lawmaking body has announced a three-day session for the end of this month, a move that raises the possibility of the enactment of a national security law for Hong Kong that has stirred debate and fears in the semi-autonomous territory